Here&#8217;s my favorite no sew DIY to do with old baggy tshirts. I&#8217;ve done it twice successfully with an old high school shirt and an In-N-Out shirt. Everything else I know of requires sewing or other things but with this one all you need is your shirt and a pair of scissors! Give it a try! 

Another thing I suggest doing is if your old tshirts are white, tie-dye them and wear them big, or just tuck them into high-waisted shorts. A cool way to add a little color to your closet without buying new clothes. 

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jace0102: I need help on what to do with old baggy t shirts plz show me tutorials

Totally. There’s tons of stuff you can do with baggy t-shirts. I’ll have a few ideas posted by Sunday so keep checking. Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get this. I’ve been swamped with moving. I completely understand if you’ve already found something but I’m going to post them anyways. So check in!

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